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Wing Chun Appeals to Foreigners in Shanghai

Dec 13, 2019

Ye Wen who plays an important role in carrying forward Chinese kungfu Wing Chun makes Wing Chun famous around the world. As an intangible cultural heritage, Wing Chun is highly acclaimed at home and abroad.

To carry forward traditional culture Wing Chun and promote friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries, an activity for foreigners about learning Wing Chun was held on December 8th. It was jointly organized by Shanghai Renai Hospital and Ju Yong Town.


Every gesture and motion combine hardness and softness, requiring a coordination of waist and martial-art squat. That is Wing Chun, the quintessence of Chinese kungfu.

At first, the participants visited the quaint Ju Yong Town.

As an old saying in China goes, knowing virtue before practicing kungfu, and knowing etiquette before learning artistic skills. The coach taught the participants etiquette, characteristics, and skills of Wing Chun successively. And then he demonstrated a part of Wing Chun with a wooden dummy.

To let the participants feel the charm of traditional Chinese kungfu, the coach taught them how to practice Wing Chun's warm-up and basic postures correctly, including martial-art squat and wooden dummy strike, and analysed the features. 


When the foreigners met with Wing Chun, their enthusiasm to Chinese kungfu was sparked. They itched to learn postures, to find someone to practice with. Though it was tired, it was a great pleasure to learn Wing Chun.

“We adore Wing Chun and also feel the extensive and profound Chinese culture,” some of the participants excitedly said. Some said that the activity stimulated their enthusiasm to Chinese kungfu and culture.



On the spot, a head of Shanghai Renai Hospital International 豪客彩 Center pointed out that more and more foreigners come to China and develop a keen interest to Chinese cultures like Chinese kungfu and traditional Chinese medicine which benefit them a lot.

Shanghai Renai Hospital aims to offer quality health service and humanistic care to satisfy the diversified medical needs of citizens and foreigners. Let's enjoy the colorful life together!

Wing Chun helps build up the body, cultivate morality, improve temperament, inspire wisdom, and make people happy and kind. Additionally, Wing Chun contributes to sino-foreign exchanges and communications.


About Ju Yong Town


Ju Yong Town is a well-known Wing Chun cultural promotion organization in Shanghai. Founder Wu Junhui is a descendant of Foshan Wing Chun. Since 2002, he has introduced Wing Chun into Shanghai and has been committed to the promotion of Wing Chun culture in Shanghai and even the whole country. 

There are tens of thousands of trainees each year, and there are professional training places with a total area of more than 1,000 square meters in Shanghai, contributing to the promotion of the national fitness program and the enhancement of the public health.