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Yoga Workshop: Love and Appreciate Your Body

Dec 19, 2019

Yoga is an old energy exercise that accumulates philosophy, science and art. In recent days, an yoga workshop, Healthy Body and Colorful Life, was held in Shanghai. It was jointly organized by Shanghai Renai Hospital International 豪客彩 Center and the Body & Soul Yoga.


On the day at the yoga gym of Body & Soul Yoga, a high-end international chain brand, the star coach Gao did a demonstration for all. They together found the direction of inner heart and felt the importance of life through yoga.

As the gentle music was played, the participants’ bodies got relaxed. During meditation, their minds were cleared and everything was put behind. The only thing that was concerned was breath. They enjoyed the wonderful and delightful yoga time very much.

Yoga has become a fashion among modern women, especially those white-collar workers who need to bend over their desks for a long time, for its positive role in staying fit, reducing pressure and adjusting mental health. Yoga helps solve the problems of shoulder muscle strain, slouching, and lumbar disc herniation, etc..

These participants come from different areas, and live different lives. Because of Yoga, they get together and become companions.


This yoga workshop is well received by all participants. They said they benefited a lot from it and got improved mentally and physically.

A foreigner who practiced yoga for the first time in Shanghai said that her body and mind were greatly relaxed after practice. This was the best activity she had ever joined in. She was grateful for the coach’s teaching and correcting.

A group of people practice yoga on a mat to be a better self. The charm of yoga is that it develops mental and physical health. Actually, life is like yoga, we need to be concentrated always.


The yoga workshop of an hour and a half is successful. As a platform for international communication, all foreign and Chinese participants give it a high praise.

“Yoga is also a practice about body and mind in daily life rather than in temples and monasteries. By practicing yoga, we will be healthier, softer, and more placid, which allow us to love ourselves, others and the world in a better way,” the head of the Shanghai Renai Hospital 豪客彩 Center said.


Yoga workshop is just a part of the social cultural activity series. Shanghai Renai Hospital will develop kinds of cultural activities with more international brands to pass on the humanity idea of Healthy Body and Colorful Life.

Special thanks to Body&Soul Yoga. More interesting workshops are coming soon...

About Body&Soul Yoga


Body&Soul Yoga is a famous premium yoga brand, offering international and professional yoga teacher training course, small group classes and private classes. Body&Soul Yoga has three centers in Shanghai, renowned as one of the largest and most professional yoga brands in China.